Monday, May 31, 2010

Rechargeable Hot Pack - Pillow

* Item comes in random design.You will get any when you order,and it could be any of pattern and colour. There's no specific colour to choose.

Product Specifications: Product packing: 19.5 * 5.9 * 21 Weight: 1.7KG

Product Performance Description: warming fast, durable insulation. Automatic limit temperature to prevent overheating. Filling a one-time, permanent use.

Product Usage: By heating; to this product flat on the table, rotating to open the power cover, first insert the power plug socket products to be inserted tight wire at the other end of the access to 220V power supply, indicator lights at this time!

What for ?

You may use them whenever your having a neck pain, back pain and headaches. For the ladies, if your having a bad period day, the pain in the stomach might be helped by putting on this hot pack on the stomach area.

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